Starch Queens 30 Day Plant Based Weight Loss Program

Tired of YoYo Diets? Tired of taking medications and being on the medical treadmill?

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Ready to Change your Health Destiny?

Let us guide and teach you how to improve your health! Join the 30 Day Starch Queens’ Plant Based Weight Loss Program!

Nancy, the Starch Queen of Hearts, coaches you with kindness, encouragement as well as over 5 years of experience in Plant Based Weight Loss.

Jeanne, the Starch Queen of Diamonds, will guide you through the research and help lay your educational foundation in plant-based living and diffuse the confusion around diets and weight loss.

No measuring! No counting calories, points or carbs! Together, the Starch Queens have lost over 200 pounds! They know how to do it!

The Starch Queens Online Program includes:

  • A recipe guide
  • What to stock guide
  • Weekly progress check sheet
  • Weekly live chats with the Starch Queens (which will be recorded)
  • Weekly webinars on various topics to help change your health destiny (which will be recorded)
  • Daily educational posts along with coaching and accountablity.
  • Membership in a private Facebook group

Introductory rate $97!
Regularly $197! What a savings!
Join today to register for Jan 1, 2018! Start the new year right!

10 Principles of our Program - Overview

  1. Eat whole foods!
  2. Begin each meal with greens or veggies. Dark leafy ones are best....THEN eat your starch.
  3. NO flour products... that includes tortillas, breads, pasta, etc.
  4. NO meat or dairy products.
  5. NO processed foods.
  6. NO sugar. A little bit of maple syrup to help sweeten….key word…LITTLE! This is to be used as a transition. Sugar, in any form, is an appetite stimulant. Best practice is to use none and get used to tasting food without added sugar. Your tastebuds will change!
  7. NO salt. It stimulates the appetite...retains fluid and doesn't help!
  8. NO Oil! Even plant-based oils! It causes inflamation and has no nutritional value!
  9. Limit two fruits per day.
  10. Drink only water or herbal caffeine!!!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee_If you are not happy with this program for any reason, just connect through and you will receive a full refund! 100% Guaranteed by the Starch Queens!

For more information, contact:

  • Nancy Norby Mathews - FB – Plant Based – Chico, CA
  • Jeanne Schumacher - FB – Plant Based – Westchester, NY
  • Email: * Website: