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Starch Queens - Nancy (Starch Queen of Heart) and Jeanne (Starch Queen of Diamond)

Plantastic Changes - Milan and Jeanne

  • Second Show - Special Guest Star - Dr. Anne Bingham.   In the 2nd show, Milan and Jeanne discuss: - Siete Almond Flour Tortillas (gluten free!) - Doctors - most do not understand the power of WFPB living, how to find a plant based doctor.
  • First Show - favorite recipe (Milan - Macaroni and Cheese with Shitake Bacon, Jeanne Spring Pea Risotto). Next Jeanne asks Milan if he ever went back on the ride with his son!  Also included: Detox issues as you burn fat, Struggles in the transition, Trigger foods (Milan - sugar, Jeanne - salt), McDougall’s revenge… when you deviate… you get sick, Why are you promoting protein?  and How stores try to trap us in the pleasure trap!
  • Milan Ross - featured in Eating You live - shares his weight loss journey

Plant Based Living Show - with Kim and Jeanne

  • First show - favorite processed foods
  • Second show - IP demo, favorite food, resources, cookbooks, how to deal with family gatherings and more!
  • Third Show - IP demo - BBQ jackfruit, technique on how to "plantize" a recipe, favorite plant tips and more!
  • Fourth Show - Bullet demo (fudge pops), substitute high fat plant foods, favorite plant based tips, favorite processed food
  • Fifth Show - Yogurt in IP, Recipe Challenge, traveling and dining out, Kitchen gadgets, Favorite Resources
  • Sixth Show - Thanksgiving Special

Dr. Neal Barnard - The Cheese Trap Series

  • Video 1 - How cheese is made; Fat intake of cheese; Casomorphins; impact of sodium and estrogens in cheese; cheese color; skatole; Whey protein; Casu Marzu
  • Video 2 - Joey Vento’s story;  high fat in cheese & impact; fatty foods make your digestive track wall more permeable; effects of getting away from cheese; cause of obesity in US;  Atkins diet? 
  • Video 3 - How Does Cheese Keep you Hooked! Which foods do you find most addictive?; Is salt and appetite stimulant?; “Cheese” the equivalent of dairy “crack”;  Breastmilk and postpartum psychosis;  Suggestions to break this addiction?
  • Video 4 

Chef AJ - Yabbut Series

Chef AJ- Healthy Living Series

Educational Videos - Prescription for Healthy Living

Interview Series

How To Series...

Dinner Tonight Series

Jeanne's Cooking Videos

Dr. McDougall's Maximum Weight Loss - prepared by Jeanne (full recipe is below the video on Youtube!)

Dr. McDougall's Recipes (not MWL compliant)

Kim Campbell's Recipes - prepared by Jeanne

Chef Del Sroufe's Recipes - prepared by Jeanne

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