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How to join the 10 Day Challenge! - Watch this video! Click here

We have heard this over and over again…. “I became plant based and dropped a million pounds overnight”. Well, that has not been many people’s journey, ours included! It has been a challenge to lose the weight, especially for women, whose bodies seem to cling to the fat! Of course, when we started, we both lost some weight and it came off pretty easily. But then we started to hit plateaus, and became totally frustrated. Once we started to understand the importance of caloric density in doing the 10 Day Challenges, the weight began to slowly come off!

Please purchase the book Dr. McDougall's Maximum Weight Loss Plan - available on Amazon, as our challenge is based on this book!

Please watch this overview from Jeanne and Nancy on Starting a 10 Day Challenge!

Plant Based Towns currently doing a 10 Day Challenge!

  • Plant Based - Atlanta, GA - admin Atlanta Creole
  • Plant Based - Chicago, IL - admin Emma Rodriguez
  • Plant Based - Ontario, Canada - admin Catharina Breedyk Law

The basic overview of the 10 Day Challenge

  • Eat whole foods!
  • Begin each meal with greens or veggies. Dark leafy ones are best....THEN eat your starch.
  • NO flour products... that includes tortillas, breads, pasta, etc.
  • NO meat, oil, or dairy.
  • NO processed foods.
  • NO sugar. A little bit of maple syrup to help sweeten….key word…LITTLE! This is to be used as a transition. Sugar, in any form, is an appetite stimulant. Best practice is to use none and get used to tasting food without added sugar. Your tastebuds will change!
  • NO salt. It stimulates the appetite...retains fluid and doesn't help!
  • Limit two fruits per day.
  • Drink only water or herbal tea....no caffeine!!!

Here are 500 recipes for Maximum Weight Loss!

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To be successful... you need to prepare...carry food with you at ALL times...and be READY. If you have to eat out... plan ahead and CALL ahead.

Post this on your fridge.... Failure to plan...is a plan for failure. To be successful, you must plan what you are going to eat! Shop, chop and prep! Plan to batch cook and have basic staples in your fridge.

Coffee The question came up… can I drink coffee while doing the 10 Day Challenge? The short answer is…. no. You should focus on water and caffeine free herbal tea.

The long answer is… we know it is tough to give up everything at once. Coffee, for many is one of the last things to transition away from. So… if you can…. awesome. If you can’t…try to cut back…. as much as possible….limit sugar and use small amounts of non-dairy milk.

Be aware…if you are addicted to caffeine, you WILL go through withdrawal. Headaches, fatigue, depression, and sleepiness can be expected when use is suddenly stopped. Withdrawal symptoms begin within 12 to 16 hours and peak at 24 to 48 hours. This process may last as long as one week. Check out newsletters from Dr. McDougall! Worth your time to read! Search for these titles on www.drmcdougall.com (Coffee – Pleasure and Pain, Tea Time Increases Life Time, Coffee Damages Artery Function – Another Mechanism for Heart Disease scroll down)