Plant Based - Your Home Town

Wanted: plant based leaders!! People who want to help promote this way of life and how we can change our health destiny!!

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We are looking for people who would like to start a plant based group in your area! We need to spread this...and create local support groups! Its really lonely out there when you feel like you are the only person in your area that is eating this way!

We have created groups on FB.  These groups are local (but there are no geography police).... but for members it is not necessary to be from that town... county or state! Each admin will run the group and connect with the other Plant Based Admins!  We will try to have a monthly meeting on zoom to connect and see how we can take this to the next level!  We have created a private group for the Plant Based Admins to connect and share what is happening! 

To be considered as an admin for this, you must be eating whole food plant based.


10 Day Weight Loss Challenge
Some groups are offering 10 day challenges based on Dr. McDougall's Maximum Weight loss program.  If/when you feel your group is ready, you can offer the challenge and compete against Plant Based - Westchester, NY, Chico, CA, Atlanta, Chicago, Ontario or Providence). In the meantime, you can encourage your members to join the next 10 Day Challenge!

If you are ready, contact either Nancy Norby Mathews or Jeanne Schumacher on FB and we will help you create your own group!!! We will help you along the way and promote your group! We need to help share this plant based revolution!!

We believe in the Trifecta is important what goes in (food and drink) and on your body!

Let's DO THIS! 

Current Plant Based Communities (Updated 5-11-18)

Plant Based Communities

AL  -  Plant Based - Birmingham, AL - admin  Randy Hughes
AR  - Plant Based - Jonesboro, AR - admin Shirlene Sando
CA  -  Plant Based - Chico, CA - admin Nancy Norby Mathews
CA  -  Plant Based - Placerville, CA
              admins Debbie Wirth & Karen Louise Baily
FL  -  Plant Based - Tampa Bay, FL - admin Stina York
GA  -  Plant Based - Atlanta, GA - admin Atlanta Creole
IL  -  Plant Based - Chicago, IL - admin Emma Rodriguez
IL  -  Plant Based - Chicago Espanol - admin Emma Rodriguez
LA - Plant Based - Lake Charles - admin Laura Wing
MA  -  Plant Based - Cape Cod, MA - admin Jeanne Schumacher
MO  -  Plant Based - Branson, MO - admin Veronica Fenton
NJ  -  Plant Based - Ridgewood, NJ Admin Jeanne Schumacher
NY  -  Plant Based - NY, NY - admin Gabrielle E Kahn
NY  -  Plant Based - Westchester, NY - admin Jeanne Schumacher
OH -  Plant Based - Cleveland, OH - admin Dee Fink
OK - Plant Based - Oklahoma City, OK - admin Cathy Ann Johnston & Victoria Foutch
OR  -  Plant Based - Gresham, OR - admin  Cindy Miller
OR  -  Plant Based - Medford, OR - admin Fran Batzer
PA  -  Plant Based - Hanover, PA - admin Jeanne Schumacher
PA  -  Plant Based - Philadelphia, PA admin Gregg Burger
RI  -  Plant Based - Providence, RI - admin Judy Harff
TN - Plant Based - Tullahoma, TN - admin LaRay Seier
TX  -  Plant Based - Georgetown, TX - admin Jeanne Schumacher
VA  -  Plant Based - Stafford, VA - admin Maxine Daniels
WV  -  Plant Based - Wheeling, WV admin Delia Wach

CANADA  - Plant Based - New Brunswick, Canada - Admin Jasna Šero Jackson
CANADA  - Plant Based - Ontario, Canada - admin Catharina Breedyk Law

Coming soon! England!