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Starch Queens - Nancy (Starch Queen of Heart) and Jeanne (Starch Queen of Diamond)

Plant Based Living Show - with Kim and Jeanne

  • First show - favorite processed foods
  • Second show - IP demo, favorite food, resources, cookbooks, how to deal with family gatherings and more!
  • Third Show - IP demo - BBQ jackfruit, technique on how to "plantize" a recipe, favorite plant tips and more!
  • Fourth Show - Bullet demo (fudge pops), substitute high fat plant foods, favorite plant based tips, favorite processed food
  • Fifth Show - Yogurt in IP, Recipe Challenge, traveling and dining out, Kitchen gadgets, Favorite Resources
  • Sixth Show - Thanksgiving Special - 2017
  • Seventh Show - Kim - Cooking demo - Making Lasagna in the IP, Sugar, Reading Nutrition Labels.
  • Eighth Show - make hummus without oil, cooking demo: soy yogurt into cream cheese, sugar, breakfast, dining out.

Dr. Neal Barnard - Power Food for the Brain Series

  • Video 1  - Sharpen Your Memory, Enhance your Brain: 1 in 5 Americans between the ages of 75-84 develop Alzheimer’s disease. How brain creates a new memory trace? Role of sleep. Mild cognitive impairment.  Alzheimer’s disease & symptoms & genetic component. Vascular dementia. Lewy bodies. Frontotemporal Dementia. Steps to protect brain.
  • Video 2 - Foods that Shield your from Toxic Metals: Beta amyloid plaque- what would find? Do we need metals in our body? Copper and iron is unstable & problems. Free radicals -what is it?  Relationship between metals and bad fats, copper and APOE e4 allele.  Hemochromatosis? Zinc issues. Heme vs non heme iron. Issues with mercury & aluminum. So how can we shield and protect ourselves? 
  • Video 3 - Foods That Protect You from Harmful Fats and Cholesterol- lessons from blue zones, difference between saturated partially hydrogenated fat, relationship between fat and metals, problem with bad fats, relationship between cholesterol and Alzheimers, is all fat bad?, Omega-3/6 supplements, and Mediterranean diet.
  • Video 4 - Foods that Build your Vitamin Shield - free radicals, vitamin E?, Alzheimer's disease, homocysteine, folate, B6, B12, resveratrol, coffee, Dr. Benjamin Spock, build strong memory
  • Video 5 - Physical Exercises that Protect Your Brain - memory, research, Brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), Alzheimer's disease, target zone, successful exercise program, types of exercise, benefits
  • Video 6 -


Dr. Neal Barnard - The Cheese Trap Series

  • Video 1 - How cheese is made; Fat intake of cheese; Casomorphins; impact of sodium and estrogens in cheese; cheese color; skatole; Whey protein; Casu Marzu
  • Video 2 - Joey Vento’s story;  high fat in cheese & impact; fatty foods make your digestive track wall more permeable; effects of getting away from cheese; cause of obesity in US;  Atkins diet? 
  • Video 3 - How Does Cheese Keep you Hooked! Which foods do you find most addictive?; Is salt and appetite stimulant?; “Cheese” the equivalent of dairy “crack”;  Breastmilk and postpartum psychosis;  Suggestions to break this addiction?
  • Video 4 - Hidden Hormone Effects: women having trouble conceiving, Premarin,  hormone functions, Estrogens, bovine growth hormone, cancer, soy products,  isolated soy protein, prostate, insulin like growth factor (IGF), relationship between calcium and vitamin D.
  • Video 5 - Health Problems you never bargained for! - dairy products and allergies, asthma, lung function, respiratory problems, migraines,  arthritis, link between tendon problems and bad cholesterol, acne & diabetes (I, II).

Chef AJ - Yabbut Series

Chef AJ- Healthy Living Series

Educational Videos - Prescription for Healthy Living

Interview Series

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Dinner Tonight Series

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Dr. McDougall's Maximum Weight Loss - prepared by Jeanne (full recipe is below the video on Youtube!)

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Kim Campbell's Recipes - prepared by Jeanne

Chef Del Sroufe's Recipes - prepared by Jeanne

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